International Patient Department (IPD)

International Patient Department (IPD) in Bazarganan Hospital consists of experienced doctors and experts fluent in international languages. This department is ready to give services to the international patients ۲۴ hours a day

IPD Services:

-Making necessary arrangements before the arrival of the patient to Iran and providing transfer services from the airport to the hospital

-Having the presence of a translator fluent in the patient’s language (Arabic and English)

-Providing a peaceful environment in accordance with the patient’s culture along with the Internet service

-International visual and written media approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

-Daily IPD medical visit

-Cooperating with different hotels in various degrees of formalities for patient stay with transfer

-Having the possibility of obtaining or extending visas and converting international currencies

-Providing all financial and clinical documents in English

-Continuing diagnostic treatments and providing all relevant and necessary training after discharge

-Providing a menu based on the patient’s culture and diet