Radiation therapy (radiotherapy) is one of the most important branches of medical physics. Radiation therapy is the treatment of the disease using penetrating rays such as X-rays, alpha, beta, and gamma rays that are either emitted from the device or emitted from drugs containing labeled substances. Radiation therapy is the use of ionizing radiation to kill or shrink cancerous tissue. In this method, due to DNA damage, the cells of the treatment area (target tissue) are destroyed and it becomes impossible for them to continue growing and dividing. Although radiation damages healthy cells in addition to cancer cells, most healthy cells regain their recovery. The goal of radiation therapy is to eliminate maximum cancer cells with minimal damage to healthy tissues. The main application of radiation therapy is in the treatment or reduction of cancer.

Various devices and tools for the treatment and rehabilitation of the patient have been developed by medical engineers and provided to physicians. One of these important and widely used devices is radiotherapy or radiation therapy. In other words, radiation therapy is the use of high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and lesions of various organs. Thousands of cancer patients have been treated in this center and 80% of patients are continuing their daily lives without returning to the disease. The radiotherapy staff of Bazarganan Hospital are university faculty members and the most experienced people in this field.