Physiotherapy department of Bazarganan  with advanced equipment and experienced staff Provides rehabilitation services to esteemed clients. equipment available in the physiotherapy department are:

Shock wave:

Benefits: Stimulation of angiogenesis, Stimulation of collagen production, Dispersion of inflammatory substance, Decomposition of calcium deposited in tissues, Control of chronic inflammation.Applications: Tendinopathy, Frozen Holder, Inflammation of the sole of the foot and heel spur, Calcium deposition in the supraspinatus tendon, Trigger point

Side effects: hematoma, pain, swelling

Prohibition: Open wound, implants, brain, large blood vessels, pregnant women, growth plates, tumor and infection, joint replacement, corticosteroid injection site


Using magnetic signals in the electromagnetic field, damaged cartilage cells are repaired. In people who experience pain and reduced range of motion of the joints, this treatment is used to improve joint function without the need for surgery.


  •  Cracks or fractures of the bones due to any impact or pressure
  • Chronic pain, inflammation and severe pain such as back pain magnet therapy
  • Osteoarthritis, arthropathy, spondylosis, muscle contractio


Mechanical traction can be used as part of a treatment program for nerve entrapment or “pinch nero”. Gentle, intermittent stretching of the spine can reduce cramps and spasms in the lower back and neck, as well as relieve pain and increase mobility.


  • Improves fast joint function
  • Increases the elasticity of ligaments

Electroacupuncture and Dry Needling

Dry needles help reduce pain by deactivating trigger points and reducing muscle cramps. This treatment for diffuse pain in the trigger points offers significant pain relief even with one treatment session. These diffuse pains include cervicogenic headaches, heel pain that sometimes exhibits the pattern of plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, PFPS, and joint limitations. Dry needle sessions can be repeated from 3 to 7 sessions, although there are no side effects in repeating this process. Contraindications to this treatment process are limited.

Obviously, this method is in most cases only a supplement to the main treatments such as correcting the movement pattern, strengthening the agonist muscles and creating muscle balances