The Comprehensive Medical Imaging Center of Bazarganan Hospital is open 24 hours a day to provide services to the clients.


n this unit, routine diagnostic ultrasounds, color Doppler, as well as ultrasound-guided sampling, CT Biopsie, Sono Biopc are performed by radiologists. Renal artery stenosis, renal venous thrombosis, peripheral arterial and venous arteries in terms of stenosis, aneurysm, arterial and venous fistulas of the liver in terms of portal hypertension, vascular lesions and Doppler tumors of the masses in terms of vascularity and Doppler can be used and examined. Digital mammography is available to diagnose the presence of masses and possible tumors of the breasts, as well as screening ready to serve esteemed clients.

CT-SCAN section:

The CT scan machine of Bazarganan Hospital GE 16 slices is one of the top devices in the world.

The following tests can be performed in this center:

CT scan of the brain without injection
CT scan of the spine
CT scan of joints without injection
CT scan of skeletal limbs
Sinus CT scan without injection
CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis
CT scan of angiography
CT scan of venography
CT scan of the lungs
CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis

MRI section:

This section has the latest MRI machine of the German company Siemens with 1.5 Tesla magnetic field strength and is equipped with the most efficient MRI software and hardware that can provide specialized and sub-specialized services to dear patients with the help of experienced experts and skilled radiology specialists. is. This department is ready to provide services to patients throughout the week. This model of MRI machine has special features and facilities: It is
equipped with sound reduction techniques so that the sound of the device is reduced by up to 50%. In addition, it has a special earphone. It is for playing music that calms the patient more.
It has an adjustable ventilation system that provides fresh and favorable air to the patient during the MRI test. Equipped with new imaging techniques that increase the quality of images while minimizing scan time. With a tunnel length of 145 cm and a diameter of the opening of the device, it is more than the models of the same type (70 cm), which is 10 cm wider than the usual devices. The purpose of this system is to provide comfort and eliminate the fear of narrow and enclosed tunnels. will be done.