Angiography and Cardiac Surgery
Department Angiography department as an active department in the field of heart with subspecialty physicians and specialized nurses and hardworking and responsible staff in order to achieve the goals of the hospital and in line with policies and strategies developed by the Ministry of Health has done.

Cath Lab
The lip coat department of Bazarganan Hospital provides various and unique services to patients, including angiography, thanks to the use of up-to-date knowledge of prominent physicians and experienced cardiologists and interventions specialists and the latest and most advanced angiography and angioplasty equipment. And coronary angioplasty, carotid arteries and peripheral arteries. In all shifts, the stand-up heart surgeon is ready to perform angiography or angioplasty to transfer the patient to the operating room if needed.
This department is ready to provide services to heart patients by using the angiography device of the German company ziemens and using the most reputable brands of catheters, stents and balloons. With the help of central monitor of all patients during and after angiography under monitoring vital signs (blood pressure, pulse and respiration) ) To take any necessary follow-up in case of any disturbance.
Lip coat staff consists of two groups of nurses and radiologists. The nurses have experience in CCU-ICU departments, have passed various CPR and radiation protection courses.

Post Card and Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CCU)
This department has been established to serve heart patients and deals with patient care in accordance with the latest care guidelines in the world. Cardiac patients who need intensive care after angiography / angioplasty are admitted and visited in this ward. This unit has a special monitoring system, each of which is connected to a central monitor, and is also equipped with an alert system that warns of emergencies and changes in the patient’s vital signs. Separate monitors, beds that can be controlled by remote control that can be changed by both the patient and the staff. Portable echo radiography device is one of the equipment of the department.
Special skills include diagnosing various dysrhythmias and informing the physician in case of dangerous dysrhythmias, complete mastery of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation process and complete familiarity with various cardiac drugs and the correct method of prescribing them.

Intensive Care Unit Open Heart as an active department in the field of cardiac surgery with physicians and specialized nurses and hardworking and responsible staff in order to achieve the goals of the hospital and in line with policies And the strategies developed by the Ministry of Health have started to work. Immediately after heart surgery, patients are transferred from the operating room to the ICU and are admitted to this ward by a trained and experienced staff and according to the opinion of the treating physician until the condition is completely confirmed. This ward has very complete equipment for respiratory and cardiac monitoring of patients after surgery. Patients in this ward are visited daily by an anesthesiologist, cardiologist and heart surgeon. The anesthesiologist and heart surgeon are available 24 hours a day. Patients undergo acute care after open heart surgery.

Cardiac Operating
Room Specialized Cardiac Operating Room Located on the second floor of the hospital’s heart center, includes an open heart operating room staffed by a specialized cardiology team, including: subspecialty cardiologists, ‌specialized vascular and cardiac anesthesiologists with experienced and trained staff, equipment and sets Open heart surgery, cardiac monitoring, balloon pump, cardiopulmonary machines, ‌ anesthesia machines, electroshock device and… has provided the highest quality medical services. Experienced nursing staff of this department, with special skills to work in the cardiac operating room, under the supervision of the relevant surgeon at all hours of the day and during the process of providing surgical treatment services in the operating room as members of the surgical team along with cardiac surgeons They cooperate. This ward meets the needs of open heart surgery patients 24 hours a day.