Discharge Guide

-Discharge will be permitted by physicians confirm, and the files will be completed by wards’ secretary and delivered to discharge department (Discharge will be based on confinement days and treatment procedures will be performed at specified time intervals
-All tariffs are calculated according to the health system reform plan and Relative Value of diagnostic
Expenses for those patients who have additional insured coverage contracts will be calculated according to the contract with the insurance company and extra fees which are out of commitment of those organizations will be received in cash
If the patient has paid the hospital expenses in cash and has additional insured coverage contract, he has to follow the following procedures to give documents to the insurance organization and receive his money
Fill out the insurance documents form while discharging
Call Medical Records Department for documents one week after discharge. Tel: +9838572262
If the document be ready sooner than one week than one week the Medical Record Department will call the patient
After ensuring that the documents are ready patient can come to Medical Records Department on the basement on working days from 8 am to 3
It should be mentioned that the documents are provided for the patient only in one copy and if he has more than one insurance contract he has to make copies himself and give the certified copies to the insurance company
Documents will be given only once and replica will not be issued in the case of missing. -Documents will only be delivered to the patient or first-degree relatives; mother, father, spouse, children, and brother, by providing a valid identification card. If someone other than the patient wants to get the documents he has to provide his identification card, birth certificate along with patient’s consent and identification card
If the patient is not living in Tehran for his comfort the documents will be sent to the address on the form
All patients need to attach the discharge bill to their insurance documents
-If the patient has a referral then the documents will be sent to the insurance organization by hospital. For more information and keeping the track of documents patients can contacts hospital’s insurance unit